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Nandolo Farmers Association Celebrates Milestone

Waza Phiri

24 Jan 2024

Witness the Historic MOU Signing Between United States Africa Development Fund and Malawi Government"

The Nandolo Farmers Association of Malawi recently received an exclusive invitation to witness the monumental renewal and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of the United States and the Malawi Government. This significant event, marking the continuation of a partnership established in the year 2000, focuses on channeling financial support into African nations to uplift smallholder farmers.

The primary purpose of this visit was to renew the existing MOU, emphasizing the infusion of additional financial resources into collaborative initiatives between the United States African Development Fund and the Malawi Government. Given the pivotal role of the Nandolo Farmers Association in the agricultural sector, the chair, accompanied by representatives from other cooperatives, was honored to participate in the official signing ceremony.

Notably, the Minister of Finance acknowledged the remarkable growth of the Nandolo Farmers Association during the event. He expressed satisfaction and commended the organization for its progress, highlighting his involvement in capacity-building initiatives that have significantly contributed to the Association's development.

The event garnered substantial media attention, with various media houses conducting interviews with the Chairperson of Nandolo Farmers Association. This platform allowed for the showcasing of the Association's growth, its profound impact on the community, and its ambitious future goals.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of key dignitaries, including the Minister of Gender, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the President of the United States African Development Fund, and ambassadors from both the United States and Malawi. Their collective presence underscored the significance of the occasion and the shared commitment to fostering collaboration for sustainable agricultural development.

The Nandolo Farmers Association remains dedicated to its mission, fostering growth, and contributing to the prosperity of Malawi's agricultural landscape.

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