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Organization of farmers

In unity there is strength! Being a part of a cooperative enables our farmers to have a stronger say, greater bargaining power, more support and opportunities than it would as individuals. Based in several districts our farmers are part of a group that has regular meetings together and supports each other, giving them ownership over their situations, businesses and lives.There are several warehouses across the district that enable farmers to have a safe place to process and store their produce and have support accessing a market.

Capacity Building

Working together with pigeon pea farmers we aim to enable and promote growth with in the industry. Our focuses have been on developing and strengthening our farmers skills and techniques. whilst increasing opportunities for more stable marketing opportunities. From preparation to processing of the produce we want to support our farmers throughout which in turn increases their livelihood. Together we are working for a positive long term impact that will help improve the farmers resilience and sustainability.

Access to Agriculture Input.

We support and encourage our farmers in accessing quality seeds that ensure higher quality crops.As a cooperative some of the areas have access to use of a tractor that helps greatly with the preparation and planting of seeds, whilst cutting down on hard physical labour.There are several warehouses around the districts where produce can be processed by machines, and stored ready to be sold.​

Access to Training and Information 

We support and provide Training opportunities to farmers to increase their skills in farming techniques. Also areas such as value addition processes, marketing and branding by-products such as fish food, animal feed and beverages. Ensuring that farmers are able to make the most out of the produce they grow.



Using milling and processing techniques in our warehouses we aim to use as much of the pigeon pea plants as possible. The main pigeon peas are mostly for human consumption but by-products are made into other produce such as pig feed, Fish meals and Chicken feed. This enables further produce to be sold maximising profits.

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