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The State of Pigeon Peas Farming in Malawi


26 Nov 2023

The Challenges and Call for Action

In a recent meeting, Susan Chimbayo, the newly elected Board Chairperson, highlighted the pressing challenges facing pigeon peas farming in Malawi, pinpointing the lack of political will as a major hurdle. Chimbayo passionately called on the government to take proactive measures, emphasizing the potential for economic growth if the sector is adequately supported.

Casweil Kachingwe, the Farmers Union of Malawi's Blantyre District Coordinator, stressed the importance of unity among farmers. He advocated for the formation of cooperatives to address challenges collectively, asserting that with sufficient resources, pigeon peas farming could become a driving force in Malawi's economy.

The Nandolo Farmers Association welcomed new office bearers, including Susan Chimbayo as Board Chairperson and Elia Tamani as Vice Chairperson.

The team brings a wealth of experience to their roles, promising effective leadership for the association.

Looking ahead, despite the challenges, there is a collective determination and hope within the Nandolo Farmers Association. The road to success involves government support, community collaboration, and dedicated leadership.

The potential of pigeon peas farming in Malawi can truly flourish with concerted efforts from individuals, farmers, and stakeholders. Together, let's cultivate not just the land but a promising future for all.

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